Tuesday, 14 October 2014

#BWB at I love my Laundry on Bree Street ...

This past weekend saw yet another gathering of the #bwb troops at the lovely I LOVE MY LAUNDRY in Bree street Cape Town.
The theme for the get together was ' time to air your laundry' , which I in turn then  married up with the idea of a panty drive ( under cover) . I started this off by collecting a pair of knickers from each of the ladies for a charity who supports women who cannot afford panties in townships ... did you know that this often results in rape.
This charity, which I will reveal at a later stage will be the charity that #bwb support going forward.

It was at this point that each lady presented her panties to another #bwb lady, to have her 'personality' described according to her panties ....
What a flippin laugh ...

Here are some guidelines ... Enjoy!

You're feeling frisky.
Comfort and movement are your top priorities.
You are feminine, delicate and high-maintenance.
You're young at heart.
You have a sense of humor.
You often find yourself at high-profile events.
You think pantylines should be punishable by death
You've had, or will have, this underwear for ten years.
You are not an adult.
You are the ultimate luxury shopper.
High-waisted granny panties:
You're retro at heart.

We have quite a few changes within #bwb of late as peoples lives get busy and priorities shift a little due to commitments , with Lauren relocating to the UK. It was amazing to just spend time catching up and enjoying the ladies who are now family.

We had a fun morning at I LOVE MY LAUNDRY on Bree Street with the wine flowing , coffee's brewing and the Dim Sum ... steaming and delicious ( just to little .. he he he).

I just want to take time to thank all the ladies who have , are and continue to be part of my group of ladies. These are bloggers who encourage each other , support one another and help each other everyday on the journey that is blogging.

To Cupcake who arrived early and blessed all the ladies with a lovely handrawn piece of art (illustration) , as well as a lovely glass water bottle (Grip n Go) from Consol, thank you for the awesome gifts.

#bwb you gals rock!



Candice Petersen says:
at: 15 October 2014 at 02:19 said...

Oh wow looks stunning!!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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