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My website and blog are an expression of my passion and love for all things of beauty. There is nothing more appealing to me than opening a newly purchased product or the childlike glee it induces... so what not share my experiences whilst I encourage you to splurge a little too.
Type of blog?
A Lifestyle and Beauty Blog for women featuring reviews , fun finds , outings and recipes from time to time.
Why I blog?
It is a means for me to be creative, meet new friends and stay connected to the Beauty Industry in which I worked for nearly 20years.

Why you are part of the #BWB team?  
I love people and encouraging others to become the best that they can be by loving and caring for those that I  meet. This is my opportunity to give back to Social Media, and to dispel in whatever small way I can all the nastiness and competition ‘out there’.

Leana / @LeanaHenke / Hipstyler , Pretty & Ginger 

Type of blog? 

Beauty, lifestyle, entertainment
Why you blog?
To voice my opinion and to have a writing cyber footprint. But mostly because of the amazing co-bloggers I've met. 
Why you are part of the #BWB team?
I like the community part and making new friends with other bloggers. I also like the support factor.


Fi / @Flea143 / Pout Perfection

Fi is a makeup artist by profession, but a writer at heart with a deep love for the English language. A true lover of the finer things in life and cannot be confined to the walls of an office. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, walks on the beach and scuba diving. 

Type of blog?
Beauty, Fashion, Celebrity & Lifestyle  

Why you blog?
To share my thoughts with the world, to look for contradicting opinions and to engage with a greater audience and connect with people both locally and across the globe. 

Why you are part of the #BWB team?
To smile, in real life or virtually at others and to be smiled at. As with everything in life I truly believe that we can all learn something from one another.

I am a 30-something, Afrikaans speaking, dog-loving, wine drinking, chocolate-eating, technologically impaired, belly dancing wife and mommy of one. I love sushi, rock music, tattoos, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, all forms of dance and people who are considerate to strangers. And I live in Cape Town. I am passionate about make-up and skincare, but that has nothing to do with my day job. I love trying new products and techniques and telling all what I think. I’m not into fashion – if I like it, I wear it. This blog will probably contain ramblings about old and new products, my make-up, my newly found love for natural skincare, a post here and there about motherhood and raising a toddler, and my LOVE for all the people around me. 

Type of blog?  

Why I blog ?
It’s about sharing the love. 

Why you are part of the #BWB team?  
I love connecting with bloggers who blog because they want to share and learn; it’s not about the numbers and the freebies, it’s about reaching people. I believe that every member of this community shares this attitude.


Type of blog?
I'm not sure I can really put my blog into a specific category. I'm not quite a mommy blogger, health or food blogger or even a beauty blogger. I kinda just blog about whatever takes my fancy that day, be it a rant, a product, a company, living with bipolar and borderline personality disorder or just an adventure Fysh and I had.

Why I blog?
I don't know actually. Started blogging when I lived in Germany to update family and friends on what I was doing and it sort of just became a habit that people seem to enjoy reading so I carry on until I get gatvol one day I guess. Or till the aliens take over and we're left with no internet or electricity etc you know...

Why you are part of the #BWB team?
Mostly I like how Heather explained it, about getting like minded bloggers together and weeding out the bitchiness that tends to be rife among the blogging "community" for some reason. To me we should support each other; it's not a competition and no one blogger is the be all and end all of blogging. 

Fiona / @inspired_lifeSA / Inspired Living 

Type of Blog?
 Inspired Living SA is a magazine style Lifestyle blog – a melting pot of articles focusing on Beauty, Décor, Fashion & Travel 

Why I Blog? 
My main aim with blogging has always been to be an inspiration to others! I am by no means perfect and have lost my way occasionally but I feel that if I give the smallest amount back and help inspire and encourage woman, then I have achieved what I set out to do.

Inspired Living was created to be an inspirational lifestyle website, to inspire others to do the things which they have always wanted and dreamed of doing, especially women!

My blog is also my opportunity to share my creativity with the world, which comes in many shapes and forms! It is also a platform to share my love of beauty and fashion – after all I am essentially a true girly-girl at heart! 

Why I am part of the #BWB Team?
There is so much negative influence out there in the big wide world and if I can make the smallest positive contribution by encouraging fellow bloggers or simply being a sounding board, then I feel I will have made a difference!

Nicola / @NicolaGeorge / Wots For Lunch 

Type of blog? 
Food blog (packed lunches, a few recipes and a few non lunch food posts every now and then) 

Why you blog? 
To share fun and interesting ideas for packed lunches, which in turn spurs me on to continue packing these lunches for myself 


Why you are part of the #BWB team?
I like the idea of being part of a group of bloggers who can offer support and assistance to each other. We may not all blog about the same things, but we all know what it's like to be a blogger.


Financier by trade, Mum to three rowdy boys and blogger as a hobby. I am a fashionista at heart, and take great joy in sharing things with like minded individuals. My passions include reading, travelling and any adrenaline pumping activities!  “Enjoy each day for the pleasures it brings”

Type of blog?
Its a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog


Why you blog?
I wanted to express my thoughts on a platform, which is my own. And also to share my passions by combining my love for fashion and my family with my journey along this path of life  :-D 


Why you are part of the #BWB team?
I like encouraging others, and feel that its always fun spending time with like minded people. I truly enjoy meeting new people and whilst I too feel like a newbie, can possibly gain some encouragement too! 

Blog Bio:
I am a blogger, mom of 2, wife and sewing novice. I like to blog about all things baby and toddler with a focus on products and services provided by local businesses. I share my experiences out and about Cape Town as well as my introduction to learning to sew. I am always interested to hear about services and solutions for parents and to offer giveaways to my loyal readers. 

Type of blog? 
Mommy Blog


Why you blog? 
I want to provide parents with tried and tested advice on products. When I purchase a product I want to know that it was money well spent. Whilst pregnant with my first child I was frustrated by how most reviews lacked enough information to make an informed decision and how few South African reviews were available, and wanted to fill this gap. Since I was young, I have entered giveaways and now I get to offer my readers a chance to win and be introduced to new products and services at the same time. Receiving an email from a happy winner makes my day.  
Why you are part of the #BWB team?
 I don’t want to blog in isolation and there are some like-minded ladies in the blogosphere that I want to meet. I’m not interested in the negativity some bloggers have for each other – I guess it’s easier for me since I’m not a personal blogger – I just want to play nice because once it stops being fun, what’s the point in blogging? I want to be part of South African bloggers defining their space on the internet and create a win-win working relationship with PR companies. 

I am an almost 30 year old Afrikaans writer, and a very short one too. With curly hair and freckles. Yes, I blame my parents.

I write about anything and everything, and I love animals and cooking. Especially cooking. And eating. But, *sigh*, I am currently on a grain, gluten and preservative free diet, so please keep my husband in your thoughts and prayers.

I originally come from a small town in the Boland called Tulbagh, and last time I checked it was definitely on a map somewhere.  I am proud of my Afrikaans heritage and I also write wedding articles for Trou Idees (

Type of blog:
Afrikaans, Food & Lifestyle and a little bit of everything else, really…

Why I blog:
I blog because I love life and I have a voice…. And also because I think I am quite a quirky and interesting person, and that people may enjoy reading the stuff I come up with!

Why do I want to be part of the #BWB Team:
Because life is too short to be snobbish and selfish. I love to share my passions, network with fellow bloggers in the industry, make new friends and be surrounded by like-minded people. 

Alice / @alicefick / Lipgloss Is My Drug

Blog bio:
I am a 20 something beauty and fashion blogger living in Cape Town. I have the slightest obsession with makeup, beauty, skulls, spikes, crosses, cupcakes all things pink really and yes LIPGLOSS

Type of blog?
My blog is makeup and beauty related but I blog about what ever makes me happy so this will include beauty and lifestyle

Why you blog? 
Lipgloss is my drug is my space to escape where I can express my feelings and also share my likes and dislikes. Its my own little world

Why you are part of bloggers who bless?
I love connecting with fellow bloggers, who I can share with and learn from and make new connections with.

Cindy/ @cindyalfino / 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1old house   

Blog Bio:
A young(ish) Mom of 3 little people (Kyla - 5, Riya-Ray - 4 and Knox almost 2) and married to Seth who is an "in denial" hipster and architect.  When I am not home with my kids I run my Insurance Brokerage in Cape Town, but please don't hold it against me.  Make me a hot steamy mug of Milo, bring me a glass of Shiraz or pay for a new tattoo and you'll bump right up my list of favourite people. If you happen to bring a slab of dark chocolate or a bag of Nik Naks you may just make it right to the top.

Type of blog? 
This is always hard for me to answer as it typically fits into the "Mommy Blogger" tag, but as I am the one writing it and my life doesn't solely focus on my kids it involves a fair amount of lifestyle and just general random stuff too. 

Why you blog?
I initially started to remember all the things that we do together as a family, a little online diary of our lives.  In doing so I connected with so many people struggling with similar things and then it became a chance to connect with others too. Writing is cathartic for me and sharing the ups and downs of life is helpful for me to get out and even possibly helpful for someone else finding themselves in the same space. 

Why you are part of the #BWB team?
I have been on the receiving end of a ridiculous situation with a nasty blogger.  It's not cool and it shouldn't be acceptable. If like minded people are getting together to support each other instead of trying to break them down, then I want to be part of it.


Blog Bio:
I am a 24 year old, born in Cape Town, South Africa raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. Graphic Designer by trade and a lover by nature. I try and live my life with love at the center, compassion in my heart and humility in my mind always

Type of blog?
Lifestyle, Fashion, DIY, Beauty, Mindwanderings


Why you blog?
I started my blog as a creative outlet to share my mind wanderings, beauty finds my passion for dupes, bargains and diys. As well as my take on ‘local is lekker’ – ‘love local’.

Why you are part of the #BWB team
I think blogging can be a bit lonely if you are not part of a team and without support its very hard to grow, plus who doesn’t want to make friends?

Charlene / Gee Whiskers /  @Gee_Whiskers
Blog Bio:
I am a Business Analyst who blogs about Beauty and things I like in my spare time. I love dachshunds, Cape Town, the colour purple, rainy days and spending time with people I care about.

Type of blog?

Primarily a beauty blog but you’ll also find posts on décor and parts of my personal life.

Why you blog?

I started my blog as a “scrapbook” for myself and I’ve tried to keep that mindset. I blog because it is fun and something I do to unwind from work.


Why you are part of the #BWB team?
From day 1 of my blog I received so much support from other bloggers and being part of #BWB allows me to give back.

Blog Bio:
Mother City Mom started as a place to share fashion, beauty, kids’ activities and anything which might be of interest to moms. I decided pretty quickly that my blog was a place to escape and relax, so it has evolved into a beauty blog as I rediscovered my real passion, which is makeup and skincare. It is my place to share any new discoveries, whether they are new products, cute kid’s fashion or anything I find useful or eco-friendly.

Type of blog?


Why you blog?
Most people start blogging for themselves, but when I set out my goal was to share information with others. I wanted to write reviews and share news, anything which would be useful. I love helping people and this is just an extension of that. Some topics, events or brands I get excited about and I just want to spread the word and create awareness. So in a nutshell, I blog for the readers, which in turn gives me a lot of satisfaction when I get positive feedback.

Why you are part of the #BWB?
It is a lovely opportunity to get together with other bloggers face to face. We all spend a lot of time on social media, so being able to chat one-on-one is encouraging and builds friendships. It’s an opportunity to see old blogger friends and make new ones, discover new things and feel part of a supportive group. Bloggers really are a community.

Chantal / Channi Chic@Channichic
Short Bio: 
Channi Chic Blog started as a project of 20-something Chantal Philander – discovering her own style, love for beauty and life in Cape Town, South Africa.
Channi Chic Blog then became a space to explore my passion for Fashion & Beauty while in the process of finishing my degree Marketing Management, holding down a full time job & being newly married.
Type of Blog: 
It’s a Style & Beauty blog with occasional posts about my random adventures, exploring SA.
Why you blog: 
At first it was just my little space to share my views and thoughts. It then became a space to inspire & interact and empower others.

Why you are part of the #BWB team ? 
I enjoy spending time with other bloggers, I learn so much and it is such an motivating & inspiring group of people. It’s a platform to interact, engage, learn & grow.

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