Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blogging 101 - a few tips and resources for you

It has been sometime since last I posted some handy hints for you on this blog , but here goes with some fab new  and hopefully useful ideas.

These tips are based on questions I get asked all the time and they are my personal opinions and views ...

How do you add images into your blog when you need it in HTML code?
I use Photbucket for this function purely because I am already familiar with the software and it also gives a variety of options , from HTML to a URL.

Where can I resize my images?
I use Photobucket which gives you the option of the size you are looking for and actually maintains the correct aspect ratio for you , in so doing it does no distort the picture in anyway :).

Where can I edit my photo's?
 I usually edit my phot's in PicMonkey , it is an easy template driven site where you can add special effects , text and correct all the basic errors in your pictures using their editing function and It's FREE!

Once you have finished editing you can choose between three sizes in which to save your image, which help to also reduce image size and file size.

Where can  I find FREE Blogger or Wordpress templates?
Here are a few of my favourites , however please note for some of the responsive and more interactive sites you will need to understand some basic code in order to insert your page names links etc. ... even I get lost sometimes and need help ...gulp!

That being said , these days you can Google just about any 'how to's' and soon figure it out ...just relax and breathe!



If you are looking for someone to design , develop and build a blog ... obviously at a fee , I would highly recommend Chicara from (this is her blog) , you can contact Chicara Joubert on any of her social media or

Here are a few resources I have picked up along the way from other bloggers which I find to be super useful ....




So there you have it folks , next I will be doing a post on my journey and lessons learnt ...till next time!

x Heather


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