Thursday, 31 July 2014

Macaroon Making Workshop At 15 On Orange feat. Alice Fick of Lipgloss is my drug

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't you really should click here) you would have seen that I attended my first #BWB meet up a few weekends ago. It was a Macaroon making workshop at the 15 On Orange Hotel and I must say I seriously had the best time ever. Now I will admit, on my way there I almost turned back home a few times and kept trying to think of excuses not to go because I kept replaying scenes of Mean girls in my head haha you know being the new girl and all. BUT I have to say after getting there and receiving the warmest welcome and having a conversation about balls in my mouth, it was all fun and laughter from there on out.

15 on Orange is truly a magnificent hotel, I can't even explain how amazing the decor is (dude they have gold couches in their elevators your not even understanding me!) And there is a shoe boutique inside, SHOES!!! I went in a little scared because I can honestly not cook to save my life but as soon as we met executive Chef Sanel and Pastry Chef Retha my fears quickly disappeared. They are truly the nicest and most patient ladies ever (we were a large group of ladies with a supply of champagne need I say more!!)

Now I will admit I probably will never be able to make my own macaroon and I wouldn't even try but I can say I learnt why my Lemon meringues have so much syrup in them and I learnt that there is actually allot of types of meringues like who knew! I did get to mix some colourful meringues and chop some chocolates (see I do get my hands dirty) and then I "attempted" piping which I am sorry who ever says that shit is easy punch them in the face. We then attempted to make our own macaroons and damn were some of those ladies good at it. Mine turned out um okay I guess I mean they looked like Macaroons and tasted like them to hahaha. We were then lead on a small tour of the hotel which kinda got delayed because there was a HUGE ASS mirror um can we say GROUP SELFIE!

I had the most amazing time ever this was really a fun workshop and I honestly cannot wait to see all these ladies again! I wish I took more pics of the gorgeous Hotel but seriously having a group of ladies together is not always an organized affair so if you wanna see some great pics head on over to Elzannes's blog Klets & Kook this lady was there to do some business I tell you.


You can arrange an event like this through the hotel yourself, they do it for groups of 12 or more people for around R259.00 per person.
For more enquiries please visit:
Address: 15 Orange Street, Cape Town
Phone: 021-4698000
Facebook: Africanpridehotels
Twitter: @APHotels

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Hmmm everything looks so yummy!!!

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