Support the Fight against Cervical Cancer and join the #SmearForSmear Campaign ...

#SmearForSmear Campaign

The Bloggers Who Bless or #BWB lady bloggers, would like to stand up and be counted with our sisters from ‘over the seas’ , we firmly believe in educating women on the importance of Health Care, and the vital role that early detection plays in all forms of cancer.
A recent Social Media Campaign was launched to bring awareness to the importance of pap smears in the UK by the Country’s leading charity, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust have launched the #SmearForSmear Campaign to spread the awareness over the UK’S Cervical Cancer Prevention Week #CCPW 25 – 31 January 2015, it is founded on the following …
‘Launched at the start of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is asking the public to join #SmearForSmear - a social media campaign which aims to draw attention to the importance of smear tests and stop the rise in numbers of women diagnosed with the disease.’Source

Donate & spread the awareness click here
Although South Africa’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month only falls from 1 – 30 September , we as a group felt compelled to show our support in this drive to save lives.

What are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?
The most common symptoms include:
  • vaginal bleeding between periods or after menopause
  • bleeding after intercourse
  • pain during intercourse
  • unusual vaginal discharge
  • excessive tiredness
  • leg pain or swelling
  • lower back pain

Here are contact details for the relevant institutions in the UK , USA and South Africa :

United Kingdom:
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust  -
Address: CAN Mezzanine, 49 – 51 East Road, London, N1 6AH
Telephone: 020 7250 8311
CARELINE/HELPLINE: 0808 802 8000
United States of America
National Cancer Institute -

South Africa
CARELINE/HELPLINE: 0800 22 66 22

Online Support

Show your support for women around the world by joining #BWB and posting a selfie of your smeared lipstick using the hashtag #SmearForSmear &  #CCPW (don’t forget to copy us in at #BWB so that we can RT.

Love the gals at Bloggers Who Bless! 

Rushda from RuBe's Closet
Heather of Femme Lifestyle
Leigh-Ann of Fairleigh
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Advice for PR Companies from a blogger's perspective ...

I am writing this article , not because I am frustrated , not because I have bad relationships with any PR or media companies , in actual fact it is quite the contrary.

Many bloggers ask me how and what I do to get opportunities and all I can answer is ... Be yourself , be honest, be courteous and be loyal .... Build relationships not use and abuse PR/ Media companies and most of all be THANKFUL and APPRECIATE the opportunities that land at your door.

In the same light I am going to offer up some suggestions based partially on personal experience , partially on feedback from others ... In the hope that it gives some insight and understanding from a bloggers point of view to the PR companies.

NB - I did run this by a few PR friends first to make sure I was remaining objective and on point ...

'This is fantastic. Clear and to the point, but very insightful as many of the things you mention I don’t believe PR people know.' Sonette Donker - Strategic Communications Manager

'I found your ‘Tips for PR and Media” quite insightful. Good to see what it looks like from the other side of the lens and I believe it will make everyone’s life a bit easier. Have shared it around the office' Wired Communications

  - know the blogger and her/ his blog
By doing this you will understand the ethnicity of the person , their brand , their age and their audience
**too many a  time, a blogger will receive merchandise to review that is the wrong size , the wrong skin colour , the wrong skin type,  a product they don't align with which results it the product being passed on and never reviewed.

- introduce yourself as a PR/ Media person
Too often Press Releases will land up in our inbox with no 'hello' , no introduction ... Just a Press Release
** bloggers are people not machines and normal societal politeness is required or else you will inevitably find your press release lands up in the deleted items. (I personally filter and delete more than 100 emails/day)

- yes bloggers are spoilt , but they are also abused by brands
I personally have worked with two big brands in SA,  to market and cover new releases or in-house events... but when actual media functions , promotions and/or campaigns came out, I have been blatantly excluded and to this day continue to be over looked. I have heard of this happening to many bloggers and it really does leave a bad taste in ones mouth.
** I personally blog for the joy of it , but nothing makes my heart happier than to build a relationship with a brand and I will often go out of my way to continually support the brands that support me , it really is quite offensive when you feel abused ... Would you like it?

- Sorry but NO , you will not get a review of a product if I have never tried the product

No blogger is going to breach the trust and relationship that they have built with their following by posting a review of a product that have not personally tested or tried out. If they do ... To be honest I would not trust their reviews ever again.
** we spend years nurturing , growing and building a community based on transparency and honesty and we will not misrepresent ourselves and/or mislead our followers  ... Sorry but no!

- expectations , what are they and what are the guidelines
I have worked with two companies recently, signing a contract and in both cases it has been the most fabulous experience. They were both clear and concise in what they required and they put it on paper ... No grey lines = fabulous!

**  If you are clear and explicit it leaves no room for dispute or disappointment on either parties side


- events
Many bloggers actually work a full time job , it is only media personnel and  stay at home mums that can attend daytime events. It would be so nice if more people would consider those of us who can only make after hours events
** what is nice however is that more and more events are being held at around 3pm making it a little easier to take the occasional few hours off in the afternoon.

- location , location , location
You have no idea how often we get invited to events in the wrong parts of the country ie. Johannesburg and we are based in Cape Town , please get to know the location of the bloggers

- interact with me on Social Media
If we interact on Social Media , we will create a buzz , engage others and stir up some excitement. This communication will be of great benefit to you and the blogger.
** I once ran a Q& A Session with a large skin care brand and a group of bloggers on skin care, we had such fun and the time went way to fast for the slot or window period we chose.

- bloggers are not editors

We often get asked to submit our 'briefs' , but we are not beauty editors , we do not work according to seasons , guidelines or requirements ...

We are whimsical writers that love a spoil and surprise. We are not used to submitting or pitching an idea and waiting to see who contributes ...

In fact ,there are more often than not two outcomes in this regard:
1. The bloggers will be too scared to offend you as brand and seem desperate as a result  they will never ask for anything for fear of offending you.
2. The blogger will take total advantage and abuse the opportunity, leaving a bad taste in both of your mouths.
** just surprise them with something every now and then you'll be amazed at how great it works.

So there you have it. I personally just want to thank the brands that make my life an absolute pleasure to work with and that continue to loyally support me and work alongside me ... You guys are amazing!

Philosophia Botanica , Dermalogica , Dermaceutic , Ster Kinekor , Hills Pet Nutrition SA , Mio , Juliette Armand SA , Inoar SA , Retail Box , Style Bar SA , City Lodges , African Pride Hotels , Protea Hotels , Evolabs , Revlon SA , Avon & Justine SA ,Go Beauty , Hey Gorgeous , Tropitone , Penguin Books, Aromatic Apothecary, Shimmer Accessories, Rain , Dr Gobac , Ren Skin Care, Filorga , Bio Oil, Skin  Renewal/ Health Renewal / Body Renewal, John Frieda , Blend Box ,Love Milo, MD Lash, The Laser Beautique, Skinny Tan, Bedouin Cafe and Deli and I am sure there are more that I have missed.

THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart , my blog and I wouldn't be what we are without you.


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Dirty Laundry stories by Tea with Flea ....

Two weekends ago, gosh, where has the time gone? The ladies from Bloggers Who Bless or #BWB as it is more commonly known met up their monthly meet up at the most quirky of venues. I Love My Laundry. The concept of the spot is a place where you can get your laundry done, you can even have dying and alterations done and while you wait you can sit have a glass of wine or a coffee and devour delicious dim sum (I think of them more as dumplings) while having a good chinwag and admiring gorgeous art and goodies that they have on sale. Sounds like a lot to take in but really it is the most quaint and quirky little spot you will come across and not to mention the Milo is to-die-for and the dim sum is even more delicious!

There was only a small group of us who managed to attend this meet-up, namely Heather (founder of #BWB) from FemmeLifestyle, Lauren from Lately Lauren, Leana from Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger, Sarah from The Mommy City, Cupcke from Cupcake Mummy and Nicola from Wots for Lunch. When Heather dreams up the most creative of meets she especially chose I Love My Laundry as the venue and on our invitations we were advised to bring a new pair of knickers that we were happy to part with. Now, just to clarify in case there happens to be any confusion in reading that statement – yes, it was a bit of a different request, especially for #BWB; and the reason for taking this pair of kecks along was a secret.
Once we were seated with a drink, Heather explained to us that as BWB is about community, to be specific a community of lady bloggers who support and encourage one another and we are passing-it-on, so to speak, onto the community at large. To being with, we are going to be supporting a charity for women whom live in the local townships who cannot afford underwear. Sometimes, from not being able to have their own underwear these women are subjected to being raped. It was a chilly thought and prospect to take in; but as sad as it was to think about we were all too happy to hand over our panties so that they can go to a good home. I actually even plan on donating some more new pairs next time I go shopping.
As I missed the last meet-up which was held at Dermalogica Wembley Square *cries on the inside* because I was travelling and not in Cape Town, I was really happy to see the ladies that were there and really missed the others but I cannot wait to see them at the next meet for a long overdue catch-up, chat and giggles!
Thank you to I Love My Laundry for letting us dangle our knickers off our heads and act like a bunch of school girls!
Check out I Love My Laundry on Facebook and Twitter @ilovemylaundry.
Not to forget the darling Heather for organising such a special meet-up, yet again and to each and every single one of the #BWB Ladies for being so awesome. Sending some good vibes your way! <3
Until next time, Flea XO
 Check out Fi's new blog :
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Blogging 101 - a few tips and resources for you

It has been sometime since last I posted some handy hints for you on this blog , but here goes with some fab new  and hopefully useful ideas.

These tips are based on questions I get asked all the time and they are my personal opinions and views ...

How do you add images into your blog when you need it in HTML code?
I use Photbucket for this function purely because I am already familiar with the software and it also gives a variety of options , from HTML to a URL.

Where can I resize my images?
I use Photobucket which gives you the option of the size you are looking for and actually maintains the correct aspect ratio for you , in so doing it does no distort the picture in anyway :).

Where can I edit my photo's?
 I usually edit my phot's in PicMonkey , it is an easy template driven site where you can add special effects , text and correct all the basic errors in your pictures using their editing function and It's FREE!

Once you have finished editing you can choose between three sizes in which to save your image, which help to also reduce image size and file size.

Where can  I find FREE Blogger or Wordpress templates?
Here are a few of my favourites , however please note for some of the responsive and more interactive sites you will need to understand some basic code in order to insert your page names links etc. ... even I get lost sometimes and need help ...gulp!

That being said , these days you can Google just about any 'how to's' and soon figure it out ...just relax and breathe!



If you are looking for someone to design , develop and build a blog ... obviously at a fee , I would highly recommend Chicara from (this is her blog) , you can contact Chicara Joubert on any of her social media or

Here are a few resources I have picked up along the way from other bloggers which I find to be super useful ....




So there you have it folks , next I will be doing a post on my journey and lessons learnt ...till next time!

x Heather
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#BWB at I love my Laundry on Bree Street ...

This past weekend saw yet another gathering of the #bwb troops at the lovely I LOVE MY LAUNDRY in Bree street Cape Town.
The theme for the get together was ' time to air your laundry' , which I in turn then  married up with the idea of a panty drive ( under cover) . I started this off by collecting a pair of knickers from each of the ladies for a charity who supports women who cannot afford panties in townships ... did you know that this often results in rape.
This charity, which I will reveal at a later stage will be the charity that #bwb support going forward.

It was at this point that each lady presented her panties to another #bwb lady, to have her 'personality' described according to her panties ....
What a flippin laugh ...

Here are some guidelines ... Enjoy!

You're feeling frisky.
Comfort and movement are your top priorities.
You are feminine, delicate and high-maintenance.
You're young at heart.
You have a sense of humor.
You often find yourself at high-profile events.
You think pantylines should be punishable by death
You've had, or will have, this underwear for ten years.
You are not an adult.
You are the ultimate luxury shopper.
High-waisted granny panties:
You're retro at heart.

We have quite a few changes within #bwb of late as peoples lives get busy and priorities shift a little due to commitments , with Lauren relocating to the UK. It was amazing to just spend time catching up and enjoying the ladies who are now family.

We had a fun morning at I LOVE MY LAUNDRY on Bree Street with the wine flowing , coffee's brewing and the Dim Sum ... steaming and delicious ( just to little .. he he he).

I just want to take time to thank all the ladies who have , are and continue to be part of my group of ladies. These are bloggers who encourage each other , support one another and help each other everyday on the journey that is blogging.

To Cupcake who arrived early and blessed all the ladies with a lovely handrawn piece of art (illustration) , as well as a lovely glass water bottle (Grip n Go) from Consol, thank you for the awesome gifts.

#bwb you gals rock!

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SKNLogic Renew Footbalm

 About six months ago my paws got hold of a foot balm from SKNLogic and following this, I received another footbalm from SKNLogic in a goodiebag from #BWB. I had not yet used the first footbalm given to me in December last year at an end of year function because I was busy using another. Anyway, roll on winter time 2014 which is peak season for me to do some serious foot/heel TLC before embarking on a whirlwind overseas adventure and I quickly grabbed my stash of SKNLogic foot balms.

 I have been using it religiously once a day after showering/bathing and if I’ve had a long day in heels a good slap of this wonderful stuff on my feet before bed is just what is needed! In a short and sweet summary – my feet feel fabulous!

Renew Footbalm
I have just started on my second footbalm after cutting the tube open of my first one because I didn’t want to waste any of the amazing moisturising concuction which soothes sore feet (especially after long days of plodding along in heels).
The SKNLogic Renew footbalm contains amazing ingredients like cucumber extract which hydrates while removing dead skin cells, Vitamin E which protects the skin assists with maintaining the skins oil balance, Orange Oil which works as anti-inflammatory and improves the skins elasticity, Shea Butter providing intense hydration, accelerates healing and soothes the skin, Fig Extract which promotes new cell growth and hydrates regulating trans-epidermal loss and not forgetting the sunflower oil, wheat germ oil and steric acid.
The SKNLogic brand is growing on me, even more so when I learnt that the products are manufactured locally in South Africa with packaging and printing being done here too. 

If they are not an incentive to support local, then I don’t know what is. To find out more and view their other products visit their website, Facebook and Twitter @SKNLOGIC.
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Macaroon Making Workshop At 15 On Orange feat. Alice Fick of Lipgloss is my drug

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't you really should click here) you would have seen that I attended my first #BWB meet up a few weekends ago. It was a Macaroon making workshop at the 15 On Orange Hotel and I must say I seriously had the best time ever. Now I will admit, on my way there I almost turned back home a few times and kept trying to think of excuses not to go because I kept replaying scenes of Mean girls in my head haha you know being the new girl and all. BUT I have to say after getting there and receiving the warmest welcome and having a conversation about balls in my mouth, it was all fun and laughter from there on out.

15 on Orange is truly a magnificent hotel, I can't even explain how amazing the decor is (dude they have gold couches in their elevators your not even understanding me!) And there is a shoe boutique inside, SHOES!!! I went in a little scared because I can honestly not cook to save my life but as soon as we met executive Chef Sanel and Pastry Chef Retha my fears quickly disappeared. They are truly the nicest and most patient ladies ever (we were a large group of ladies with a supply of champagne need I say more!!)

Now I will admit I probably will never be able to make my own macaroon and I wouldn't even try but I can say I learnt why my Lemon meringues have so much syrup in them and I learnt that there is actually allot of types of meringues like who knew! I did get to mix some colourful meringues and chop some chocolates (see I do get my hands dirty) and then I "attempted" piping which I am sorry who ever says that shit is easy punch them in the face. We then attempted to make our own macaroons and damn were some of those ladies good at it. Mine turned out um okay I guess I mean they looked like Macaroons and tasted like them to hahaha. We were then lead on a small tour of the hotel which kinda got delayed because there was a HUGE ASS mirror um can we say GROUP SELFIE!

I had the most amazing time ever this was really a fun workshop and I honestly cannot wait to see all these ladies again! I wish I took more pics of the gorgeous Hotel but seriously having a group of ladies together is not always an organized affair so if you wanna see some great pics head on over to Elzannes's blog Klets & Kook this lady was there to do some business I tell you.


You can arrange an event like this through the hotel yourself, they do it for groups of 12 or more people for around R259.00 per person.
For more enquiries please visit:
Address: 15 Orange Street, Cape Town
Phone: 021-4698000
Facebook: Africanpridehotels
Twitter: @APHotels
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